The cast iron three-dimensional welding table is also called a three-dimensional flexible combined fixture tooling platform, a robot flexible welding table, a three-dimensional flexible welding work platform, a hole-based flexible welding table, etc. The workbench is in the form of a perforated grid plate, and the apertures are in two series: D28 and D16. . According to materials, it is divided into: Q345 steel welding table, HT300 casting platform;

On a table with suitable precision, D28 round holes are evenly distributed every 100mm or D16 round holes are evenly distributed every 50mm. These holes can be used to splice positioning modules and fixtures with various functions. The hole is a through hole with no slope or thread. In addition to the basic workbench, various functional modules also include U/L-shaped square boxes, support angle irons, positioning squares, positioning squares, plane squares, protractors, and angles. Type connecting blocks, V-shaped positioning pieces, clamps, locking pins, various speed-appropriate clamps, gap adjustment washers and various auxiliary modules. The ingenious design and conception of the modules allow for various combinations and repeated use. The working platform adopts the form of grid plate with holes.

Support of the cast iron three-dimensional welding table: The support feet of the platform include standard support feet, universal wheel support feet, fixed support feet, frame structure support and hydraulic lifting support, etc. to meet the different needs of customers. A series of meticulous designs provide users with maximum convenience.

Lifting of cast iron three-dimensional welding table: used for lifting and shifting of the basic platform. When using, find the symmetrical position of the platform, insert two locking pins with appropriate speed and lock them, and then slowly lift the platform. When the fixture workbench is engaged in welding operations, the welding machine is well grounded and can better protect the workbench from damage. A grounder is installed on the platform.

Cast iron three-dimensional welding table process equipment.

Three-dimensional: represents three directions. Generally, the fixture is longitudinal and transverse without vertical direction. The large surface of the platform has two directions, and the surrounding edges can be used for vertical installation to achieve a three-dimensional combination.

Hole system: The main feature of this set of fixtures is that there are standard holes from the platform to the accessories without traditional threads or T-slots. With the lock pin at a suitable speed, the assembly becomes faster and more convenient, and the positioning is more accurate.

Combination: Because all accessories are pre-made, they can be arbitrarily combined and adjusted according to the needs of the product.

Flexibility: Because of the above functions, the entire set of equipment can be changed according to changes in products. One set of fixtures can meet the needs of several products or dozens of products, thus greatly speeding up the process of product manufacturing and trial production, and saving a lot of time. Human, material and financial resources (environmental protection and low-carbon products).

Welding: This product is a universal fixture specially designed for the manufacture of welded products; it is convenient and flexible for welding, and is much better than traditional welding methods.

Product application industries: With the continuous development of industry, three-dimensional flexible combined welding tooling has been widely used in equipment manufacturing and welding processing industries, changing the traditional industrial clamping and positioning methods.

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