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The welding fixture is a kind of tooling equipment that accurately positions and reliably clamps the welding parts, facilitates the assembly and welding of the welding parts, and ensures the structural accuracy of the welding parts. Small and medium-sized enterprises actively use welding fixtures that are suitable for product structures in welding production, which plays a very important role in improving product quality, reducing labor intensity of workers, and accelerating the automation of welding production.

The welding fixture uses a mechanical device to replace the heavy physical work of positioning, clamping, and reversing the workpiece during traditional manual assembly of parts, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.

After the welding fixture is magnetized, it is completely disconnected from the main circuit. This firstly ensures the operator's concerns during use, and secondly, if the power grid suddenly cuts off, the sucked workpiece will not fall off, making the worker's work safer and more reliable.

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