The three-dimensional flexible welding table is suitable for all welding situations from chassis to tracks/bridges.

For example:

1.Construction machinery industry

2. Rail transit industry

3.Automobile industry

4. Shipping industry


6. Chassis/sheet metal industry

7. Equipment production industry

8.Industrial pipelines

9. Furniture manufacturing industry, etc.

Three-dimensional flexible welding table is widely used in steel structures, various car body manufacturing, rail transit welding, bicycle and motorcycle manufacturing, engineering machinery, racks and boxes, pressure vessels, robot welding, sheet metal processing, metal furniture, equipment assembly , industrial pipelines (flanges), detection systems, etc. Five major advantages: 1. Economical and economical: The cost and time of each product replacement is almost no longer required. The device is easy to operate and safe to use. Users can assemble different requirements according to the required speed, just like playing with assembly toys.

Three-dimensional flexible welding table is also called three-dimensional flexible platform. The three-dimensional flexible combined fixture is composed of universal modules that meet standardized, serialized and standardized technical requirements. The connection, fixation and compression of all modules are suitable for locking with hole positioning. The modules and modules can be adjusted according to the actual size of the workpiece. The combination of the entire set of fixtures and fixture systems can realize the construction of two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces, with simple, Convenient and suitable for children to play with building blocks.

Basic parts: square, rectangular, circular base plates, etc., used as fixture tool platforms. Each of the five working surfaces of the workbench has 100 mm × 100 mm (D28 series) or 50 mm × 50 mm (D16 series) grid size holes.

The three-dimensional flexible welding table has high plane, parallel and vertical tolerance accuracy and hole positioning accuracy on the five sides. The positioning on the workbench and the combination with other modules have sufficient requirements for accuracy. The size of the basic workbench can be selected from 1000 mm×1000 mm~4000 mm×2000 mm, and special sizes can be customized. If the precision of the combination of workbench and workbench is high, attention should be paid to the installation of these fixtures, and then use guide rails to connect them.

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