Flexible welding table is also called three-dimensional flexible welding workbench,three-dimensional welding table,three-dimensional welding flat plate,three-dimensional flexible welding flat plate,three-dimensional flexible welding table.The flexibility of the product-3D welding workbench is very high and can withstand a very high load capacity.Its five sides are processed with regular holes and engraved with mesh lines.(The hole has no slope and T-slot).On the 3D three-dimensional flexible flat panel,any workpiece can be positioned and clamped in various ways using positioning clamping pins(PC pins/locking pins).This PC sale has been entitled.Several 3D workbenches can be directly connected together on any of the five sides.This modular system embodies its universal functionality in mounting,adjusting and clamping workpieces.Its advantage lies especially in the application of large workpieces.

During the assembly or welding process,the flexible welding tooling table uses positioning blocks,connecting blocks,clamps,and support blocks to position the workpiece,and the workpiece is firmly fixed at each positioning point or positioning surface.The probability of a workpiece that cannot be positioned is very small.

During the welding process of the flexible welding workbench,only low-cost anti-spatter fluid is needed to avoid welding spatter on the surface of the 3D workbench.The experimental platforms have been aged and processed.Through the interchangeability of modular design,you can complete complex and complex tooling combinations in a short time.This method is very economical whether making a single part or assembling an assembly.The gridded holes on the table and each module enable high accuracy and repeatability of clamping.

First of all,this is a set of pre-made standardized,systematic and universal modules.All modules are connected,fixed and pressed by hole positioning and locking pins.The modules can be changed according to the size of the workpiece.By adjusting,the entire set of fixtures can be combined in three-dimensional space.The characteristics of this set of fixtures are:ideally mainly used on welding products,so they are called three-dimensional flexible welding tooling platforms and flexible welding tooling platform fixtures.This set of tooling is divided into two categories:one is the 28 series,that is,the aperture is¢28,and the surface is distributed with 100*100 grid lines;the second is the 16 series,that is,the aperture is¢16,and the surface is distributed with 50*50 grid lines.

Features of flexible welding workbench products:

Economical,complex and expensive traditional fixtures are a thing of the past.You can avoid the high cost of stocking large quantities of fixtures because the 3D system does not need to be modified to suit various workplaces.Such a neat device is easy to operate.

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