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Product Description of Movable 90 Degree Clamp:

It is used for pressing after fixing the workpiece. It can be inserted into any hole, adjust the position and lock the position through the slider on the pipe fitting;

There are handle-type and handle-less types. The pressure head is a movable hemispherical mechanism that can achieve 360° floating;

The indenter adapts to the needs of workpieces at any angle and is removable and replaceable. The handle is rubber;

The pressing parts are either telescopic or non-telescoping. The telescopic ones are used when the compressing distance is long, and the non-scalable ones are used when the compressing distance is short.

The adjustment strokes of the T-shaped screw are D16-40mm/D22-50mm/D28-60mm respectively;

The pipe fittings are rigid and flexible, preventing the welding parts from being difficult to remove after deformation.

Parameter requirements for movable 90-degree compactor

1. The flatness requirement of the tooling platform of the 90-degree screw clamp is ≤0.15mm/1000mm, while the perpendicularity between the plane and the side of the 3D platform is required to be within the range of less than or equal to 0.1mm/1000mm;

2. The corresponding tooling platform of the 90-degree screw clamp also has strict requirements on the material. The material needs to be steel (low alloy steel Q345), and strict overall stepped heat treatment and internal stress are required;

3. The important point is that the hole distance position tolerance of the 90-degree screw clamp is within ±0.05mm;

4. Regarding the two series of 90-degree screw clamps, the hole spacing requirement of the Φ16 series is 50mm, and the hole spacing requirement of the Φ28 series is 100mm.

Main applications of movable 90 degree clamps

There are many application industries for the movable 90-degree clamp, which also reflects from the side that the movable 90-degree clamp has a wide range of applications. This is a reflection of the excellent performance of the product itself. About the movable 90-degree clamp Specific application industries, the main ones include automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace, rail transit, structural parts welding, sheet metal boxes, bicycle (motorcycle) manufacturing, and matching with welding robots or welding machines, etc. .

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