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Positioning blocks are commonly used devices in mechanical processing and are generally used to position and clamp cylinders. The traditional manufacturing method of positioning blocks is generally manufacturing as a whole, and the final finishing of the two inclined surfaces is often completed on a surface grinder using a sine fixture and a V-shaped conductive magnet. However, the symmetry of the working slope of this positioning block is hardly ideal.

Positioning blocks are frequently used in machining sites. V-shaped blocks are standard parts with fixed angles and sizes, so the angle and size of a single positioning block cannot be adjusted. When the positioning block is used in the production of diesel engine exhaust pipe workpieces, as the exhaust pipe workpieces are updated, the traditional V-shaped block cannot be adjusted due to its angle and size. Therefore, the positioning block also needs to be re-aligned according to the updated exhaust pipe size. If it is formulated, the material consumption will be serious. Moreover, it takes more than a year for a new exhaust pipe workpiece to go from successful trial production to batch production. During this period, a large number of unsuitable positioning blocks will appear, causing serious waste.

Positioning blocks are suitable for detection, marking, positioning and other purposes of shaft parts. Generally, positioning blocks are a pair of two pieces, and the flat surfaces and V-shaped grooves of the two pieces are ground in one installation. However, this type of positioning block is only suitable for positioning shaft parts of the same diameter, and is not suitable for stepped shaft parts.

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