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The round plate vertical clamp is a vertically installed clamp that is used to clamp objects. The vertical quick clamp is a quick clamp that can quickly clamp and loosen objects, or Said it was a hardware product. It is a functional accessory, just like the screws we usually use, it must act on an object to be effective. This kind of vertical quick clamp is generally made of iron or stainless steel and produced by stamping process. Vertical quick clamps with different structures and styles can realize clamping functions in different situations.

Our equipment or objects need to be clamped in different situations, which requires the design of clamps with different structures and sizes. Rapid clamp manufacturers produce according to customer requirements. Ready-made clamp products can meet the needs of customers in most cases. The surface treatment of the quick clamp is galvanized, while the stainless steel version is vibrated polished. The handle is generally made of a red rubber-coated disc horizontal quick clamp.

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