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The Welding fixture positioning pin is a part that is involved in limiting the degree of freedom of an object. It is widely used in some mechanical movement equipment and is mainly used to determine the position in two-dimensional space.

The positioning pin of the welding fixture uses the workpiece hole as the positioning reference and participates in limiting the object's degree of freedom. It controls the linear motion of the object in the three axes of X, Y, and Z, and the six freedoms of rotation around X, Y, and Z. Movement. In a mold consisting of two parts or parts, a pin designed to accurately position two adjacent parts of the mold.


When the machine body is connected by multiple parts, and each part needs to maintain its position during processing and assembly, welding fixture positioning pins should be used for positioning. For example, if the split box body is composed of a machine cover and a machine base, the processing of the bearing holes on it has high precision requirements. Therefore, during design, two welding fixture positioning pins that are far apart should be set on the split surface. With its processing and assembly accuracy.

Reasonable structure of positioning pins of welding fixturesEdit

In order to ensure the accuracy of the relative position between the two parts after assembly, cylindrical pins or conical pins are often used for positioning, so the requirements for the pins and pin holes are relatively high. In order to facilitate the processing of pin holes and pins, the pin holes should be made into through holes whenever possible.

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