The flexible welding fixture is a process equipment that accurately positions and clamps the welding parts accurately, facilitates the assembly and welding of the welding parts, and protects the structural accuracy of the welding parts.

Excellent performance of flexible welding fixtures:

1. Economical efficiency of flexible welding fixtures

Flexible fixture tooling is a kind of fixture that can be freely combined and can adapt to different workpiece shapes. Several sets of tooling and fixture systems can replace a large number of high-cost one-to-one tooling fixtures. After using this flexible tooling, you can save the time and effort due to product changes. The cost and time invested in one-to-one fixtures. Its economy is particularly obvious in the production of multi-variety, multi-standard, and personalized automobiles. Data shows that the cost of more than 9 sets of one-to-one welding fixtures (5 to 6 sets in my country) is more than one set of flexible fixture tooling. At present, it is very common for my country's automobile manufacturing companies to add dozens of sets of one-to-one welding fixtures every year. The economics of choosing flexible fixtures are obvious.

2. Flexibility of flexible welding fixtures

The flexible combined tooling platform can be combined in three-dimensional space. The standardized and modular fixture system embodies its universal function in installing, adjusting and clamping workpieces. This feature is even more prominent in the welding of large workpieces. The other side of flexibility is that it is easy to operate and can be operated in a fool-like manner. On the tooling platform and standard modules, all sizes in multiples of 12.5mm and 25mm can be found directly, and with a small number of adjustment tabs, they can be positioned very conveniently and accurately.

3. Characteristics of flexible welding fixtures

All modules of the flexible combined tooling have high processing accuracy. The working platform confirms that the position error of the positioning holes is within ±0.1mm within the range of 2000mm, which can meet the needs of welding processing. During the assembly or welding process, positioning blocks, connecting blocks, clamps and support blocks can be used to position the workpiece. The workpiece that needs to be assembled or welded can be stably fixed at each positioning point or positioning surface. If the geometric dimensions of the workpiece itself are inaccurate, it can be quickly detected and canceled in the initial machining process.

4. Repeatability of flexible welding fixtures

All modules of the flexible fixture use CAD and Pro/E design systems, which can easily simulate and assemble sample parts. The precise module size can protect the assembly accuracy.

5. Practicality of flexible welding fixtures

In the design of the tooling platform and module structure, the requirements for rigidity and strength are fully considered. Each standard 2000mm×1000mm working platform has a load capacity of up to 10t and can protect its repeated positioning and clamping accuracy. The surfaces of the tooling platform and modules have been specially treated so that the spatter generated during welding will not easily stick to their working surfaces. The surfaces of positioning parts, supports and locking pins are quenched to make them not easy to wear and of high quality.

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