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Our company is a manufacturer that produces and sells three-dimensional flexible welding tables and fixtures. Three-dimensional welding tables are widely used in: steel structures, various automobile vehicle body manufacturing, automobile axle welding, bicycle and motorcycle manufacturing, engineering machinery, frames and boxes, Pressure vessels, robot welding, sheet metal processing, metal furniture, equipment assembly, industrial pipeline (flange) inspection systems, etc. With this combination welding table tooling fixture, users in the above industries who constantly design tooling can It greatly saves the design and production time and money spent on repeated investment in tooling, and at the same time, it can quickly obtain orders.

The three-dimensional flexible welding table is fast to assemble and easy to assemble and disassemble; the work surface can be assembled and combined according to the shape and size of the workpiece. The design of the scales and module sizes on the three-dimensional flexible welding table table allows operators to quickly build the required tooling according to the size of the workpiece without using measuring tools.

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