Application of U-shaped square boxes With the continuous development of industry, L-shaped square boxes have been widely used in equipment manufacturing and welding processing industries, changing the clamping and positioning methods in traditional industry and promoting many newer process methods. of production. Through continuous efforts, U-shaped square box products have been highly recognized. Therefore, it can be well applied in certain situations. It is currently known that L-shaped square box products are widely used in steel structures, various vehicle body manufacturing, rail transit welding, bicycle and motorcycle manufacturing, engineering machinery, frames and boxes, Pressure vessels, robot welding, sheet metal processing, metal furniture, equipment assembly, industrial pipelines (flanges), detection systems, etc.

U-shaped square box structural features:

1. Convenient connection of square boxes to easily form a frame structure;

2. Combined with different supports, it can form a similar platform foundation;

3. 5 working surfaces;

4. Wide range of specifications, up to 4000mm;

5. For vertical use, support angle iron can be used to increase strength.

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