Welding fixtures are used for welding, machining and inspecting workpieces. Three-dimensional flexible combined tooling fixtures have the characteristics of efficiency, economy, flexibility, safety and security.

At present, small batches of frame structures are required to produce samples and products, so traditional welding tooling often cannot meet the needs (the cycle of design, manufacturing, and debugging is very long, usually 1-3 months.). It usually only takes a few hours to complete a set of welding fixtures using three-dimensional flexible modular tooling fixtures.

Welding fixtures are only useful for a certain workpiece or a certain process. Therefore, it can be seen that some manufacturers that have been developed for more than a few years have a large number of unused or rarely used fixtures, but no one has calculated the site costs and storage costs. In particular, frame structures tend to be relatively large products, so the storage costs are high.

Using our three-dimensional flexible tooling, the cost and time invested in tooling for each product change can be almost eliminated. The device is easy to operate and use. Users can assemble work clothes with different requirements as needed, just like children playing with assembly toys.

The welding tooling fixture has high load-bearing capacity and stable rigidity. Its five sides are processed with regular holes and engraved with network lines. The three-dimensional flexible combined tooling fixture can be easily extended, expanded and combined. The extended standard table tops can be modularly positioned and clamped directly together. In the process of installing, adjusting and positioning the workpiece, the universal functions of the three-dimensional flexible modular fixture system are demonstrated, especially in the application of large workpieces.

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