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T-shaped handle 90 degree compression

T-shaped handle 90 degree compression



T-shaped handle 90 degree compression is one of the more commonly used screw clamp products.This screw clamp product adopts a screw tightening operation method.In actual application,the labor is reduced,and the degree of the product will be corresponding.Improvement,in order to prevent the workpiece from being displaced during processing,it is an element that presses the workpiece onto the platform or basic element.In addition,the 90-degree screw clamp boldly adopts a rubber handle product design.The advantage of this is that it increases the friction of the handle.Although it increases the cost,for users,such a product design increases the practical The safety and practicality during operation are major improvements that increase the product's cost performance.The specific introduction to the 90-degree screw clamp is as follows:

1.Simple classification of 90 degree screw clamps

According to the operation mode,90-degree screw clamps include bolt clamps,clamps,and handle screw clamps,and the one we introduce is a type of handle screw clamp.In addition,the T-handle 90-degree tightener is divided into two series:Φ28 andΦ16 according to the hole system.Among them,the 90-degree screw tightener product withΦ28 hole is mainly used in equipment with large holes.Its operating principle is the same as that of theΦ16 series.The small hole 90 degree screw clamp is similar and basically does not require much modification.The 90-degree screw clamp can also be divided into two-dimensional flexible combined tooling and three-dimensional flexible combined tooling according to the structure.The tooling platform is divided into steel platform,cast iron platform and composite plate platform according to the material.

2.Parameter requirements for T-handle 90-degree clamp

1.The flatness requirement of the tooling platform of the 90-degree screw clamp is≤0.15mm/1000mm,while the perpendicularity between the plane and the side of the 3D platform is required to be within the range of less than or equal to 0.1mm/1000mm;

2.The corresponding tooling platform of the 90-degree screw clamp also has strict requirements on the material.The material needs to be steel(low alloy steel Q345),and strict overall stepped heat treatment and internal stress are required;

3.The important point is that the hole distance position tolerance of the 90-degree screw clamp is within±0.05mm;

4.Regarding the two series of 90-degree screw clamps,the hole spacing requirement of theΦ16 series is 50mm,and the hole spacing requirement of theΦ28 series is 100mm.

3.Main applications of T-handle 90-degree clamp

T-shaped handle 90 degree compression is used in many industries,which also reflects from the side that the T-handle 90-degree clamp has a wide range of applications.This is a reflection of the excellent performance of the product itself.About the T-handle 90-degree clamp The specific application industries of the handle 90-degree clamp are mainly automobile manufacturing,engineering machinery,shipbuilding,aerospace,rail transit,structural parts welding,sheet metal boxes,bicycle(motorcycle)manufacturing,and welding Robot or welding machine matching,etc.

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