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The cantilever clamp is a component that presses the workpiece on the platform or basic component so that the workpiece will not be displaced during processing.

The cantilever clamp is a clamping mechanism composed of screws, screws, nuts, washers, pressure plates and other components. It is called a cantilever clamp and is mainly used for clamping workpieces.

The cantilever clamp refers to a mechanism that combines a spiral pair with other components (pressure plates, washers, screws, etc.) to clamp the workpiece. The cantilever clamp is very commonly used in production. The cantilever clamp has a simple structure, a large clamping stroke, powerful self-locking, and a large force-increasing ratio. It is a clamping mechanism commonly used in manual clamping. Commonly used clamping forms include: single cantilever clamp and spiral pressure plate clamping mechanism.

The cantilever clamp uses the slope on the wedge to clamp the workpiece directly or through a lever. The inclined wedge is the most basic force-increasing and mirror-tightening component. Figure 1 shows a clamping mechanism that combines an inclined wedge and a sliding column. It is generally driven by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. This mechanism is composed of an end slope and a pressure plate. Clamping mechanism, clamped manually. The cantilever clamp has a simple structure and is easy to operate, but it has a short clamping stroke, a small force transmission coefficient, and poor self-locking ability.

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