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The eccentric positioning plate is an auxiliary positioning component of the flexible combined fixture system, which plays the role of eccentric fine-tuning positioning.

The eccentric positioning plate is manufactured according to standards and is generally supplied in pairs. It is a quadrangular body with four working surfaces or four 90-degree grooves with different sizes. It is mainly suitable for inspection and marking of shaft parts, inspection, correction and marking of shafts. It can also be used to inspect the verticality and parallelism of workpieces.

The eccentric positioning plate is matched with the welding flat plate to test the concentricity of various shafts, and is used for detailed marking and equal height pads. V-shaped iron and V-shaped frame types are divided into one slot and four slots, with a pressure plate type, and a basket type with a horseshoe-shaped tightening frame. Inspecting the measurement datum; checking the dimensional accuracy or shape deviation of parts and making precise markings are also indispensable basic tools in mechanical manufacturing.

Eccentric positioning plate specifications and models: (Special specifications need to be customized)

Adjustment parts include: Height adjuster adjustment gasket; Purpose: It is a component used to adjust the gap between the component and the workpiece.

The welding combination fixture is also called a three-dimensional flexible combination welding tooling fixture. The three-dimensional flexible combination tooling fixture is composed of many standardized, serialized, and generalized modules produced using standardized technical requirements. The linking, fixing, and pressing of all modules are based on holes. Locking pins are used for positioning, and the modules can be adjusted according to the actual size of the workpiece. The combination of the entire tooling and fixture system can achieve two-dimensional and three-dimensional space as simple and easy as a child playing with building blocks. .

In order to adapt to workpieces of different shapes and sizes, the three-dimensional flexible combined welding fixture system is divided into 28 series and 16 series in welding production. Each series of components can be divided into 8 categories according to their uses.

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