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Magnetic lock pins are divided into two series: D16 and D28 according to diameter.

The magnetic lock pin is a cylindrical pin that realizes axial locking or loosening between modules and modules and between modules and platforms by rotating the screw head or handle. The main components are: locking body, locking rod, steel ball (or handle), and there are other different components in different structural forms. According to diameter, it is divided into two series: D16 and D28. It is used for locking between the platform and accessories, accessories and accessories, and has the advantages of clamping.

1) Twist the handle head clockwise, and the steel ball stretches out to resist the inner chamfer to lock it.

2) Twist the handle head counterclockwise, and the steel ball will return to the locking cylinder hole to release it.

3) Top SW14 hex countersunk hole lock

Main functions of magnetic lock pin

►Mainly used for positioning sheet metal parts;

►Manpower pulls the magnet off;

►Type A is used for D28/D22 series, type B is used for D16 series;

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