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The Plane angle ruler is used to measure the plane and the datum plane perpendicular to each other,and to check the right angle,verticality and parallelism errors of the workpiece.It is also called 90°square,vertical square,cast iron vertical square,and right-angle ruler.

The Plane angle ruler is a component used to position the workpiece in order to meet the dimensional accuracy requirements during the machining process.

Product Description:

This type of positioning piece has a wide range of uses;

The groove-shaped design at the bottom is adjustable;

The 90°right angle can be used as a standard measuring stick.

There are two working surfaces,whose functions are:

a)Any adjustment and positioning on the fixture table and all accessories,the adjustment amount is an integer multiple of 25mm

b)Can be used to install clamps with toggle fixing plates

c)Positioning ruler can be used for positioning and clamping at 45°,90°,135°,and 180°

d)The D28 series modules have standardΦ28 holes or long-waisted holes every 50mm,and the D16 series modules have standardΦ16 holes or long-waisted holes every 25mm;they can both realize workpiece positioning and clamping.

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