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Positioning rulers are generally made of cast iron, and rectangular rulers are also made of bearing steel or granite. The working surface of the flat ruler shall not have defects such as sand holes, pores, cracks, slag inclusions, shrinkage porosity, scratches, bumps, rust spots and other defects that seriously affect the appearance and performance. The flat ruler should be made of fine gray cast iron or alloy cast iron, and its working surface hardness should be 170~220HB.

Advantages of rock rulers: Granite rulers, marble rulers, and rock rulers are made of "Jinan Qing" stone through mechanical processing and manual fine grinding. Black luster, structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, the ruler can be maintained under heavy load and normal temperature, and has the advantages of no rust, no magnetization, no deformation, etc.; the cast iron ruler is made of cast iron and processed The measuring surface is processed by the scraping method. Its measuring surface can store lubricating oil and accommodate dust, which increases the stability and reliability of the use of the benchmark and can be used as a grinding and grinding tool. The rock ruler has the advantages of being safe, stable and easy to use.

Flat ruler features:

In the measurement of geometric quantities, the flat ruler uses simulation methods to reflect the datum straight line. Currently, the most commonly used flat rulers are cast iron flat rulers and rock flat rulers.

The straightness of the measuring surface of the flat ruler is the main accuracy indicator that characterizes the quality of the flat ruler. The accuracy level of the flat ruler is determined based on the allowable value of the straightness tolerance of the flat ruler measuring surface. Manufacturing and selecting flat rulers according to the accuracy level of flat rulers is conducive to unifying the accuracy of process equipment and serializing the manufacturing accuracy of measuring instruments; it is conducive to unifying the tolerance values of measuring tools; and improving product manufacturing and use accuracy.

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