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The angle device is used for height positioning or platform expansion and the positioning or compression of other accessories. It is an element that positions the support on the platform in order to achieve the specified height requirement for the workpiece during processing.

Anglers are mainly used for positioning and supporting angled workpieces. The angle meter can continuously adjust any angle between 0° and 180°. Read the reading from the disc scale on the side. When the angle is adjusted to the required angle, just tighten the clamping screw on the side. There are system holes and slots on the two angle arms respectively, and other positioning clamp modules can be connected in the holes and slots for positioning or clamping.

A protractor is an instrument used to measure angles. Behind its simple name, it is actually a very complex instrument. Angle meter products are widely used in the industry and have a good reputation. This is mainly due to two reasons: one is the measurement accuracy of the angle meter, and the other is that the angle meter is easy to use, not easily damaged, and can function normally in a variety of harsh environments. used without affecting its measurement accuracy.

Regarding the daily maintenance of the angle device:

1. In order to prevent the angle device from deforming, when installing the angle device, use four steel wire ropes of the same length to hang the four lifting holes on the angle device at the same time, and hoist the angle device smoothly on the transportation vehicle.

2. Pad and level the support points of the angle device so that each support point is evenly stressed and the entire angle device is stable.

3. When installing the angle device, use adjustment pads to pad each support point of the angle device firmly, and have technicians adjust the angle device to acceptable accuracy.

4. When using the angle meter, handle the workpiece with care. Do not move rough workpieces on the angle meter to avoid bumps, scratches and other damage to the working surface of the angle meter.

5. In order to prevent the overall deformation of the angle device, after use, the workpiece must be removed from the angle device to avoid the deformation of the angle device caused by the workpiece's heavy pressure on the angle device for a long time.

Main functions:

1) Accurately position according to the scale.

2) Any angle from 0 to 225°.

3) Angle support positioning.

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