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The round push-pull clamp is a push-pull fast clamp, which is often used in tooling design. The operation of the round push-pull clamp is very simple. The push-pull design can be completed with one clamp and one press. It is really super convenient!

Secondly, the chuck is very strong and suitable for various materials, whether metal or non-metal, it can be easily clamped

Finally, it is very light weight, easy to carry, and suitable for use in various environments.

Product features of Yuanpai push-pull clamp

Simple structure and easy installation.

The clamped workpiece can be loaded and unloaded quickly and is easy to operate.

All parts are electroplated and rust-proofed, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

For heavy-duty fixtures, key parts undergo heat treatment to make them have higher strength and wear resistance.

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