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Three-dimensional flexible welding table tooling design

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Three-dimensional flexible welding table tooling design:

The three-dimensional flexible welding table is a set of standardized, systematic and universal tooling. It is based on the five working surfaces of standardized grid holes and the workbench with front grid lines. It is equipped with various standard modules for positioning. Through pins The connection can position and clamp workpieces of various shapes. It can also realize random combination and repeated use in three-dimensional space. It is suitable for the welding of various workpieces and the assembly of products.

Three-dimensional flexible welding table: Under the action of a concentrated load of about 2 tons and 1M2, its deformation does not exceed 0.50mm, and under the action of a uniform load, its deformation is only 0.024mm, which can meet the vast majority of welding and assembly processes According to the needs of its construction, the center tolerance of the positioning hole of the working platform is within 0.05mm.

Work clamps should have sufficient strength and rigidity. When the fixture is put into use in production, it must withstand a variety of forces, so the tooling fixture should have sufficient strength and stiffness.

Clamping sex. When clamping, the positioning position of the workpiece cannot be damaged and the shape and size of the product must comply with the drawing requirements. It neither allows the workpiece to loosen or slip, nor makes the workpiece too constrained to produce large constraint stress.

The operational flexibility of the three-dimensional flexible welding table. When using fixtures for production, there should be enough space for installation and welding, so that the operators have a good vision and operating environment, and the entire process of welding production is in a stable working condition.

Convenient for loading and unloading of weldments. During operation, it should be considered that the product can be smoothly removed from the fixture after assembly, positioning welding or welding, and that the product is not damaged during flipping or lifting.

The three-dimensional flexible welding table has good processability. The designed fixture should be easy to manufacture, install and operate, and easy to inspect, repair and replace wearing parts. When designing, factors such as the existing clamping power source, hoisting capacity, and installation site of the workshop should also be considered to reduce the cost of fixture manufacturing.

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