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Maintenance and maintenance of three-dimensional flexible combined tooling fixtures

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Three-dimensional flexible combination tooling fixtures require regular maintenance and upkeep to increase the service life of the tooling fixtures!

1. When the three-dimensional flexible welding workbench is not used for a long time, keep the platform clean and apply anti-rust oil. If necessary, take dust-proof measures.

2. Pay attention to keeping the system holes clean on the three-dimensional flexible tooling plate, clean it regularly with a brush, and apply anti-rust oil. When using the locking pin, make sure there is no dust or debris in the hole, otherwise it will easily damage the locking pin and the platform hole.

3. After the welding of the welding fixture is completed, use a whetstone to gently push away the welding slag and other residues on the surface of the platform, and apply anti-rust oil.

4. Accessories should be maintained regularly, keep the surface clean, and wipe with anti-rust oil.

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