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Precautions for cast iron three-dimensional welding table

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The cast iron three-dimensional welding table is fully annealed and isothermal annealed. Full annealing is also called recrystallization annealing, generally referred to as annealing. This annealing is mainly used for castings, forgings and hot-rolled profiles of various carbon steels and alloy steels with hypoeutectoid compositions. Sometimes used in welded structures. It is generally used as the final heat treatment of some light workpieces, or as the preheat treatment of some workpieces.

Cast iron three-dimensional welding table methods/steps

Cast iron three-dimensional welding table annealing refers to a heat treatment process in which the metal material is heated to an appropriate temperature, maintained for a determined time, and then slowly cooled.

Three-dimensional flexible welding table spheroidizing annealing, spheroidizing annealing is mainly used for hypereutectoid carbon steel and alloy tool steel (such as steel types used in manufacturing cutting tools, measuring tools, and molds). Its main purpose is to reduce the hardness, and the actual effect is mainly on machinability and preparation for subsequent quenching.

Three-dimensional flexible welding table stress relief annealing, stress relief annealing is also called low-temperature annealing (or high-temperature tempering). This annealing is mainly used to eliminate residual stress in castings, forgings, welding parts, hot-rolled parts, cold-drawn parts, etc. If these stresses are not eliminated, it will cause the steel parts to deform or crack after a certain period of time or during the subsequent cutting process.

Precautions for cast iron three-dimensional welding table

Three-dimensional flexible welding table annealing types: recrystallization annealing, stress relief annealing, spheroidizing annealing, total annealing, etc.

The purpose of annealing on a three-dimensional flexible welding table: mainly to reduce the hardness of metal materials and improve plastics to facilitate cutting or pressure processing, reduce residual stress, improve the uniformity of the structure and composition, or prepare the structure for subsequent heat treatment, etc.

Precautions, care and maintenance of cast iron three-dimensional welding table fixture

1. Check the limit size before use to see if it still maintains the correct position;

2. If the baffle pin is worn out of tolerance, it can be polished and serviced; if the baffle, latch, and positioning taper pin are worn out of tolerance, it can be reassembled and the worn parts are staggered and continued to be used.

3. You need to apply anti-embroidery oil after use.


Pay attention to the order of operation steps and do not disrupt them.

Make sure to apply anti-rust oil evenly to prevent rust.

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