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What are the three-dimensional flexible welding fixtures?

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Three-dimensional flexible welding fixtures are widely used in the fields of machine manufacturing and welding processing. These clamps are flexible, precise and convenient and are used for positioning, tightening and fixing in the welding process. The following are some common three-dimensional flexible welding fixtures:

1. Positioning square: used to accurately position the workpiece.

2. Positioning ruler: helps position the workpiece.

3. V-shaped positioning parts: used for positioning workpieces of specific shapes.

4. Angle meter: measure and adjust the angle of the workpiece.

5. Vertical quick clamp: used to clamp workpieces.

6. Quick locking pin: convenient for quick assembly and disassembly.

These fixtures are used on a three-dimensional flexible welding platform and can be combined and adjusted according to product needs, thereby improving production efficiency and saving manpower, material and financial resources. The flatness, verticality and working surface roughness of the three-dimensional flexible welding platform all need to meet strict requirements to ensure welding quality.

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