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Functions of three-dimensional flexible welding table

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Functions of three-dimensional flexible welding table:

The three-dimensional flexible welding table can be applied to turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling and other types of work in the machinery manufacturing industry. It can also be used in marking, inspection, assembly, welding and other types of work.

Strong versatility and reusable

The three-dimensional welding table fixture was developed under the condition of high standardization of machine tool fixture components. The components of the combined fixture have high dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, high hardness, and are interchangeable. The assembly of the combined fixture is like building blocks. Because it can be assembled in many variations and the structure of the fixture changes, it can meet the processing requirements of various parts.

Wide scope of application: The three-dimensional welding table fixture is disassembled after use, and the components can continue to be used. This can not only reduce fixture inventory and waste caused by fixture scrapping, but also save the time and cost of fixture manufacturing, thereby reducing production costs and increasing labor. efficiency. It can reduce production costs and improve labor efficiency.

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