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Why choose three-dimensional flexible combined welding fixture

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Now, more and more companies choose to use three-dimensional flexible combination welding fixtures. So, what are the reasons for choosing this product? Let’s introduce it in detail below.

Why should we vigorously develop and promote three-dimensional hole system flexible combined welding tooling?

In the chassis, cabinet, and wrench manufacturing industries, CNC bending machines and CNC punching machines have made the early parts of this industry very sophisticated. However, there is a lack of a more advanced welding platform that can match it in combined welding. The launch of three-dimensional hole system combined welding process equipment just fills this gap.

What is a three-dimensional hole system flexible combined welding fixture?

The three-dimensional hole system flexible combined welding tooling fixture is a set of pre-made standardized, systematic and universal parts. The connection, fixation and compression of all parts are in the form of holes. The entire set of fixtures The combination can realize the combination in three-dimensional space. The characteristics of this set of fixtures: It is mainly used in welding products and is most ideal, so it is called three-dimensional hole system combination welding process equipment.

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