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Precautions for using three-dimensional flexible combined tooling fixtures

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What aspects should be paid attention to when using three-dimensional flexible combined tooling fixtures? Let’s briefly introduce it below:

1: It is strictly prohibited to use hammers or other tools to directly hit the work surface and other positioning components. Three-dimensional flexible welding workbench

2: It is strictly prohibited to overload the ballast workbench and impact the workbench vigorously.

3: The maximum load-bearing capacity of the lifting ring is 2 tons. When the platform is moved and lifted, no one is allowed to stand under the platform. Welding workbench

4: Anti-spatter liquid must be sprayed before welding to better prevent welding slag from sticking to the work surface.

5: Check whether the grounder is grounded before welding. Do not start welding directly on the work surface. Three-dimensional flexible welding combination tooling

6: The workbench and other positioning components must be kept away from damp and water sources.

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