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What is the nitriding process for three-dimensional flexible welding table?

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Nitriding, also known as nitriding, refers to a chemical heat treatment process that penetrates nitrogen atoms into the surface layer of steel workpieces. Its purpose is to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the parts, as well as improve fatigue strength and corrosion resistance. In addition to the conventional state specifications, the three-dimensional welding table can also undergo nitriding process as required to better enhance the quality of the platform. Of course, the price of adding nitriding treatment to the three-dimensional welding table is relatively high.

The surface of the three-dimensional welding table must be cleaned before nitriding, usually using gas degreasing method and nitrided immediately after treatment. Before entering the ion nitriding furnace, the oil dirt and impurities on the cast iron surface and loose tissue must be thoroughly cleaned. The quality of the purification treatment directly affects the heating process of the platform and the quality of nitriding. Generally, nitriding time also takes a long time.

During the nitriding process, an appropriate nitriding temperature should be selected, and the nitriding time should be fully extended within the nitriding time range to obtain a deeper and harder nitriding layer, so that the platform will not deform or change in size.

Since the 1970s, nitriding has developed rapidly from theory to practical technology, and the number of materials and workpieces that can be used is increasing day by day, making it one of the important chemical heat treatment processes.

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