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What are the advantages of three-dimensional flexible welding table compared with traditional tooling?

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In modern manufacturing industry, precision casting and welding are important links. The three-dimensional flexible welding table is a precision casting; the three-dimensional flexible welding table also plays a vital role in the welding process.

So what are the advantages of the three-dimensional flexible welding table compared with traditional tooling?

1. Economical: The three-dimensional flexible welding table allows companies to avoid the high cost of storing a large number of special tooling fixtures, and is suitable for various workplaces. It is easy to operate and safe to use.

2. Flexibility: On the 3D welding workbench, any workpiece can be positioned and clamped in various ways with positioning clamping pins (PC pins/locking pins). Several 3D workbenches can be directly connected together on any of the five sides. The modular system offers universal functionality in mounting, adjusting and clamping workpieces. The outstanding advantages are reflected in the application of large workpieces.

3. Accuracy: During the assembly or welding process, use positioning blocks, connecting blocks, clamps, and support blocks to accurately position the workpiece, and the workpiece is firmly fixed at each positioning point or positioning surface. The probability of a workpiece that cannot be positioned is very small. If the geometric dimensions of the workpiece itself are inaccurate, they can be quickly detected and eliminated in the initial machining process.

4. Sturdy and durable: During the welding process, only low-cost anti-spatter fluid is needed to avoid welding spatter on the surface of the 3D workbench.

Among the many advantages, the most important is accuracy. Accuracy determines the quality and grade of quality. If there is a slight error, the quality will definitely be degraded, and sometimes it will directly become a defective product.

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