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Develop steel bar clamps to adapt to the development trend of modern processing industry

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The flexible fixture is assembled from a set of pre-manufactured serialized and standardized components and components of various shapes, sizes and functions. Flexible clamp components and components have good interchangeability, high precision and wear resistance.

1. Multifunctional modularization of fixture components

The proportion of multifunctional modular units that can be used alone or in combination with other components will further increase. For example, the various positioning clamping seats, positioning compression supports, precision vises and other modular units currently used have comprehensive functions of positioning, clamping and adjustment. They can be used alone or several pieces can be assembled together. T-shaped foundations and square boxes can be assembled into a fixture that can clamp multiple identical or different workpieces at one time. Using this fixture can reduce the downtime of machine tools and maximize the efficient performance of CNC and machining center machine tools.

2. High strength, high rigidity, high precision

In order to improve labor productivity and shorten the processing hours of workpieces, the processing of workpieces has developed towards high speed and large cutting volume, and the processes are highly concentrated. After the workpiece is positioned and clamped, multiple processes such as milling, drilling, and boring must be completed in sequence. The magnitude and direction of cutting forces are constantly changing, which requires the flexible fixture itself to have high strength and stiffness to meet the processing accuracy of the workpiece.

3. Rapid and automated workpiece clamping

In order to shorten the auxiliary time in workpiece processing and reduce the labor intensity of workers, the clamping and disassembly of workpieces also need to be mechanized and automated. The clamping of workpieces has been developed from the original single-function pressing parts and fasteners to adjustable modules to achieve rapid assembly and rapid clamping. For the processing of large batches of parts, hydraulic clamps and pneumatic clamps can realize automatic and rapid clamping of workpieces.

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